Shop and Dine @ SMRT - Princess Cruises Promotion (the “Campaign”)

22 Feb – 4 Apr 2018


Terms & Conditions 


The following terms and conditions and all subsequent revisions or amendments thereafter made from time to time by XCO shall apply to the Campaign. The term “XCO” shall refer to The X Collective Pte Ltd unless where the context otherwise requires.  


The Campaign period will be from 22 Feb – 4 Apr 2018 (the “Campaign Period”). XCO reserves the right at its sole discretion, to (a) suspend, postpone and/or terminate the Campaign, (b) shorten and/or extend the duration of the Campaign Period, and/or (c) amend, modify, delete, replace and/or revise the terms and conditions of the Campaign, without any prior notification to any person and without incurring any liability to any party whatsoever.


1    Eligibility for Lucky Draw


1.1    Subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, anyone who shops (the “Shopper”) at Shop and

  1. Dine @ SMRT and spends a minimum of S$30 during the Campaign Period may participate in the
  2. lucky draw (the “Lucky Draw”) on the terms and conditions set out herein. 

1.2    Notwithstanding paragraph 1.1, the following persons are not eligible to participate in the Campaign:

  1. a)    Employees of the Commercial Department of The X Collective Pte Ltd
  2. (Applies for ‘Shop & Dine @ SMRT - Princess Cruises campaign only)
  3. b)    All participating retailers, advertising and promotion agencies for the Campaign and their affiliates and subsidiaries;
  4. c)    Employees and their immediate family members and/or relatives living in the same household.

1.3    A Shopper’s failure to provide true, correct and accurate information on his/her personal particulars

  1. when participating in the Campaign will automatically disqualify the Shopper from the Campaign.

1.4    To qualify for the Lucky Draw, a Shopper shall, during the Campaign Period spend a minimum

  1. of S$30 (excluding alcohol and tobacco products) at any one of the participating SMRT retail outlets and submits to SMRT (i) a duly completed and valid lucky draw form with (ii) the relevant original receipt(s) evidencing such expenditure (subject to a maximum of (03) combined transactions; each S$30 spend shall earn 01 chance) on Shop & Dine @ SMRT.


2    Lucky Draw Prizes


2.1    The prizes for the Lucky Draw are as follows:

  1. Item Prize Number of Winner(s)
    Lucky Draw 10 Night Malaysia Peninsula and Indonesia Cruise for 4 01

2.2    XCO shall have the right at its sole discretion and without prior notice to replace, change or substitute

  1. any prize(s) with one of similar value. No prize may be exchanged for cash or other goods and services.

2.3    All prizes are not transferable, exchangeable for cash or kind or extendable in validity.

2.4    Prize is a twin sharing cabin for four (4) guests sailing on 28 Nov 2018. Prize excludes taxes and gratuities of
         SGD$540.00 for four (4) guests, which will be borne by the winner. 

2.5    In consideration of XCO providing the prizes under the Campaign, the Shoppers acknowledge

  1. and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions imposed by XCO and/or its Related Companies
  2. (as defined in the Companies Act (Cap 50)) as well as by any third parties governing the use of the prizes.


3    Conduct of the Lucky Draw


3.1    The Lucky Draw will be held on 25 June 2018, at 12pm unless otherwise changed by XCO

  1. in its sole absolute discretion.

3.2    The Winners will be drawn from the pool of eligible Shoppers. 

3.3    XCO shall have the right to draw reserve “winners” in the event that the winner(s) is disqualified.

3.4    XCO maintains the right at its sole and absolute discretion to effect forfeitures of any prizes

  1. or disqualification of any Shopper from the Lucky Draw.

3.5    All winners of the Lucky Draw will be notified by phone and/or email via the contact particulars they had

  1. registered with under the Campaign. 

3.6    All prizes which remain unclaimed within two (2) months from the date of the Lucky Draw for any reason

  1. whatsoever may be, at the sole absolute discretion of XCO, disposed of in any manner as it deems fit,
  2. and no claims whatsoever (whether for the prize, payment or compensation) shall be entertained.

3.7    Please note that photographs may be taken during the award of the prizes for publicity purchases. 

3.8    In all circumstances, XCO’s decisions shall be final, binding and conclusive and no correspondence will be


4    Limitation of Liability  


4.1    To the extent permitted by law, all Shoppers in the Campaign hereby agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless XCO or its Related Companies (as defined in the Companies Act (Cap 50) and its respective employees or agents (the “Indemnified Parties”) from any and all liabilities, claims, demands and/or damages of any nature whatsoever arising out of or relating to the Campaign, the redemption item(s) and/or any activity relating thereto, including but not limited to any death, personal injury and/or property damage, any tax liabilities in relation to the redemption item(s), any special, direct or indirect and consequential losses and/or any other liabilities howsoever caused in relation to the Campaign.

4.2    XCO shall not at any time or in any circumstances be responsible or held liable for

  1. (a) any non-acceptance, non-performance or the standard of performance in respect of any redemption item(s) or
  2. (b) the quality of the redemption item(s).


5    General


5.1    XCO reserves the right at its sole discretion to postpone, suspend, cancel or limit the Campaign at any time upon the
         occurrence of any event(s) or circumstances beyond their control which hinder, prevent or affect (or may likely to have
         such effect) the fulfillment of the terms of the Campaign including, without limitation acts of God, natural disasters or
         catastrophes, riots or wars (whether declared or not), terrorist activities, epidemics, health threats, quarantine
         requirements, change of any applicable laws and/or issuance of new laws.

5.2    By participating in the Campaign, each Shopper agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions or such other
         rules and regulations as imposed by XCO. Each Shopper shall also be deemed to submit to all decisions of XCO,
         which shall be final and binding on all matters relating to the Campaign.

5.3    It is each Shopper’s responsibility to give XCO current, complete, truthful and accurate information and to keep the
         information provided to XCO up to date. XCO cannot and shall not be responsible for any problems, consequences
         or liability that may arise whether directly or indirectly as a result of any failure to give XCO  accurate, truthful or
         complete information.

5.4    Each Shopper grants and XCO shall have the right to use pictures and photographs taken in relation to or in
         connection with or arising from the Campaign and to disclose and publish the name and any other particulars of all
         or any winners for publicity purposes.  Each Shopper who is a winner shall consent, co-operate and participate fully
         in the activities organized by XCO for these purposes, without any payment, fee or compensation whatsoever.

5.5    The Campaign shall in all respects, be governed by the laws of Singapore.  These terms and conditions are not
         intended to confer rights on any third party, whether pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B)
         or otherwise, and no third party shall have any right to enforce any provision of these terms and conditions.